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/ˈmedl/ noun

“a person’s ability to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.”​

Show Your Mettle.

Alex Schwartz is based in St. Louis Missouri, but with his global inspirational Keynote Speaking, YouTube channel with millions of views and tens of thousands of followers, growing modeling career, ongoing adaptive fitness journey and more… Alex exemplifies the Mettle mindset to millions across the globe.

Raised by his single grandmother after his grandfather died of cancer when he was just 6, he would wear long pants year round hiding his disability, was denied the ability to run, went down a bad path, and ultimately ignored what he could be using to make him stronger. 

His life changed when he decided enough was enough and took a baby step that ended up being a giant leap.

When you show your mettle, you recognize challenges as opportunity for growth. You recognize adversity as an advantage. You start to achieve what was previously unthinkable. 

  • How would your life change if you embraced your next challenge with mindset for growth?
  • How much more confident would you be if you just let everything that makes you unique, shine through?
  • Would you take more initiative knowing that the outcome could be something you never even thought possible?

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