Donate to Forging Mettle above to help prosthetic device users reach their potential.

Forging Mettle is a nonprofit dedicated to helping prosthetic device users acquire the hardware they need to reach their potential. This is made possible through donations. The more donations, the more patients we are able to help!

Prosthetic devices, even with insurance, can cost upwards of $10,000+. Some patients can go over 10 years without needing replacements, but others may only be able to go 3-10 years or less. These costs add up.

Your money goes directly to funding their means of independence. We partner with prosthetic clinics to find a recipient to surprise with a fully paid journey to their new confidence and ability. These transformations are documented on social media.

Every donation counts! Thank you.

If you are a business or company and wish to sponsor or partner, please email